Guaranteed margin increase
First-price / Unified Auction ready
No storage - Full streaming
Only pay for usage

This is not another toolbox for data scientists.
Ubiquity AI is an off-the-shelf pricing engine.


Ubiquity AI offers you the simplest way to bid the right price for any events

Plug Data

Send all events to our API on the fly
(install, post-install event, acquisition,
lead, click, qualified visit, visibility…).
No need to store data

Use Pricing Decision

First-price / Unified Auction ready.
Work with click-through, viewability-through
and view-through attribution models
with conversion delays up to 30 days.

Measure Impact & Learn

See immediate result on your business metrics.
Send the feedback on our API to make your models learn


Our platform is designed to deploy instant pricing decision directly into your bidder.
Ubiquity AI literally provides "Decision as a Service".


Business Impact

Our decision engine is designed to optimize your bottom line.

  • More bids, more efficiency, better margin per bid
  • New-ePrivacy-law compliant (GDPR, CCPA, ePR): no storage, no data leaks thanks to real-time modeling
  • Low overheads and no risk

Turnkey Solution

No more headaches. All the process is straightforward.

  • Ubiquity cloud API simple and rapid integration
  • Immediate results
  • Linear pricing
  • Externalized infrastructure

Easily scalable

Ubiquity has been designed to serve high demanding production environments.

  • High scalability
  • Low latency
  • SLA on demand
  • World class data science team at your service

Ubiquity AI: Real Time Machine Learning for Real Time Bidding


Real time modeling

Unlike all other Machine Learning services that work from stored data, Ubiquity AI is fully in streaming, meaning without data storage, plus with always up-to-date pricing models which is required for first-price auctions.

Streaming ML Pioneers

We are pioneers in the growing segment of Streaming Machine Learning making Ubiquity AI the de facto world leading team in the space.

20 Years of R&D

We are a University spin-off with more than 20 years in academia and 4 years of R&D dedicated to Ad Tech to deliver highest level of performance from Machine Learning applied to Real-Time Bidding.

Dedicated stack

Our tech stack was built by our team from the ground up. It is designed specifically to implement the vision of a decision platform to be integrated without friction by a developer.

Full automation

Machine Learning is abstracted away from Ad Operations: just send bid requests and conversions to the platform and let Ubiquity AI transparently handle all the Machine Learning models' life cycles.

Industry first

Our tech stack has been entirely designed for the specific requirements of the Ad Tech industry: latency, scalability, consumer protection and Ad Networks' brand safety.

We’re experts in Machine Learning and we know your specific problems as an Ad Network because we deal with them everyday for our clients.